About Us

Our Philosophy
At MS Medical, we believe it is imperative that we invest our time and talent to learn about our customers: their wants, their needs, and to develop relationships with both the customer and candidate in order to ensure a compatible fit each and every time. The success behind MS Medical is the ability to place the right person in the right job, right now.

Our Mission

Do it right the first time… all of the time.

We find the qualities and personalities that our customers desire, then deliver that person. This process is 50% evolutional and 50% continuum. But it equals 100% passion and commitment.


“MS Medical, Inc. embodies my passion and vision for what a staffing company should strive for. The last twenty-six years of my life I have strived to expand my business the right way by partnering with the right customers, and then placing the right people in the right job in a timely manner. The mission does not change; “Do it right the first time… all of the time.”

— Larry Moylan, President

Moylan Staffing, parent company of MS Medical, Inc. This branch of the organization staffs for other industries including industrial, administrative, and clerical. If you are in need of a non-medical professional or looking for non-medical career opportunities please click here to visit our website.